Winter in Thailand

There was a time I believed that it never, ever gets cold in Thailand.

But it does.

It gets cold in Nong Prue. Last night it was cold. I could have done with an extra blanket. And David even got up to switch his fan off. Cold in mornings like this, when I wish I had understood how the water heaters we install work.

Hot water showers Thailand

The shower works on the principle that you control the temperature of the water by decreasing the flow for warmer water. And if you have skimped by opting for the smaller cheaper element, that early morning shower gets reduced to a mere trickle.

And a nasty reminder that I will be landing at Heathrow in my shorts and straw hat, in three weeks time. Looking for a job that will allow me to qualify the family for a settlement visa.

Meaning I have left updating this web site to the last moment and that it will become a Remote Village Life unless I am lucky enough to find something similar in the UK.

Mark Allan South Africa – small business incubators


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