First Impressions

Ten days. It has been ten days since I took leave of my family and landed in at Heathrow.

Moving to the UK

Yes it does snow. Yes it is cold. A lot colder than it ever gets in Nong Prue. But it’s not that bad and even though I pretend it was just for kids, I took pictues and the opportunity to walk around as it fell softly and covered everything in a criso white blanket.

Comfortable accommodation Oxford Ramada

This is the Ramada Oxford. A comfortable conveniently situated hotel in Oxford.

The UK is expensive. A lot more expensive than Nong prue. But I suppose marginally mor expensive than Bangkok. The public transport network is extensive. It works and it’s very confusing. Although Google and Google maps helps.

The UK is confusing. Very organised. Very frustrating at times, if you don’t have the right cards, the registration numbers you have to have and a sense of the ridiculous. Pre-packed foods, automated tellers, contactless cards , brands and chains.

And the homeless. Sleeping rough in extreme circumstances. Something that doesn’t fit.

Busking in the rain Oxford

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